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BECAUSE THERE IS A NEED One of the most significant difficulties for poor families is the price rocketing of essential food and non-food items.


IT IS A PIONEER PROJECT The Social Grocery in Tripoli will be the first of its kind in Lebanon being a non-profit store that sells essential food and non-food goods.


IT TARGETS POOR FAMILIES Because it is difficult to serve all, our store provides significant discounts to people in need who can’t afford buying their essential needs from commercial shops.

Our Business Model

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Support Our Cause

Our Social Enterprise is as strong as the community that holds it up. Together, we can do more than we can do alone. Let's bring our abilities and passions together to affect real change. There are many ways to join us and support our mission. Contact us to find out more about volunteer opportunities, fundraising, and ways that you can support us.

Meet Our Team & Volunteers

Rabih Omar


Rabih is from Tripoli. Since 2007, he has worked on socioeconomic and local development programs in Tripoli and North Lebanon.


Randa Ayoubi


Randa is from Mina Tripoli. Randa is a social activist and has a previous experience as a shopkeeper in the food sector.

Mohammad Kalamouni


Mohammad Kalamouni is from Mina Tripoli. He is a humanitarian aid worker in South Sudan. He works on the empowerment and protection of displaced communities.

Tarek Haddad


Tarek is from Mina Tripoli and works in the humanitarian field in North Lebanon, mainly in programs targeting the most vulnerable and excluded groups.

Roula Abou Baker


Roula Abou Baker is from Mina, Tripoli. A social worker and manager of the Fayha Choir.

Mohamad Abou Baker


Mohamad Abou Baker is from El Mina, Tripoli, and he is a Humanitarian Activist.

Ziad Ayoubi


Ziad Ayoubi is from Mina Tripoli. He currently works for the United Nations in Geneva. He works on refugee protection, social entrepreneurship and human rights.

Maha Ayyoubi


Maha Ayyoubi is from Deddeh, El Koura. She works on housing programmes with the Norwegian Refugee Council in Lebanon.

Zaher Negro

Project Manager

Zaher Negro is from Mina Tripoli. He currently manages the continuing education department at Professional Training Solutions.

Bouchra Elias


Bouchra Elias from Tripoli. She currently works for the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva.

Rania Habboushi


Rania is from Mina, Tripoli, and she is Art Director at Freelancer and Owner and Founder at Daisy's Jars.

Samer Annous


Samer is from Mina Tripoli. Social activist and Head of Education Division and Associate Professor at the University of Balamand.

Barkev Taslakian


Taslakian is from Anjar and lives in Tripoli. Conductor of the Fayha Choir founded in Tripoli. Founder of many psycho-social support choir projects all over Lebanon.

Siba Massoud


Siba Massoud is from Tripoli, a social entrepreneur, founder of PRIVE exclusive creation.

Carine Akl


Humanitarian and Social activist, who has strived to improve livelihoods opportunities for long-term economic wellbeing.

Call for Suppliers

We sell essential food and non-food items for prices that are aggressively reduced. We count on suppliers to provide us with exceptional discounts and we add a minimum profit margin to ensure financial sustainability only. 

The Social Grocery will sell food and non-food items that are essential for households for reduced prices. In order to achieve our objective, we need support from suppliers. We call on suppliers in all Lebanon to get in touch with us to discuss possibilities of procuring stocks from them for reduced prices. If you are a supplier and would like to partner with us.


We are a non-profit grocery store that sells basic food and non-food goods to people in need for reduced prices

As a Social Enterprise, we want to ensure that poor people have a place where they can afford buying their essential households items.
Because it is difficult to serve all, our store provides significant discounts to people in need who can’t afford buying their essential needs from commercial shops.
We have the ambition of creating a network to reach the largest number of people in need in Tripoli and even beyond.
We believe in the power of partnership and we are working on widening our network of supporters, volunteers and suppliers. Please join our cause!


We value partnership and we believe in collaboration between profit and non-profit stakeholders to achieve the public good. Our natural partners are Non-Governmental organizations, Supermarkets, Suppliers, Distributors, Incubators and Business Development Organizations, Governmental Institutions and MInistries and many others.